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Thanks partly to injury and partly to squad rotation, Liverpool have fielded many different back 4’s over the course of this season. In fact, some haven’t even consisted of 4 at the back. Brendan Rodgers has experimented with many different players in varying formations. The question is, which combination works best for LFC?

My personal favourite combination of defenders is (from right to left) Johnson, Skrtel, Agger, Enrique. They are all very talented, and Johnson and Enrique are very good at pushing forward and starting attacks. Indeed, Rodgers has experimented with playing them in the wing-back role, which in my opinion is extremely effective. When they play at wing-back, they are given more freedom to attack, which really unlocks their full potential. Obviously this means they have to track back a lot to make sure we aren’t left vulnerable at the back, but when they do get caught too far up the pitch, Agger and Skrtel are solid defenders, perfectly capable of covering.

Unfortunately, this combination is not currently possible, as Jose Enrique is out injured. In his absence, Brendan Rodgers has been playing Johnson on the left and Wisdom on the right. This works fairly well, but I think Johnson is much more effective at right back. For this reason, I would play Downing at left back and keep Johnson at right back. Some may argue that Downing is needed as a winger in the front three, but personally I think that Sterling, Suarez and Sturridge is the best attacking combination.

Although I said earlier that my favourite pair of centre-backs is Agger and Skrtel, they may well have some competition for their places in the starting 11 when Martin Kelly returns from injury. Although he has often played as a full-back for Liverpool in the past, he is a centre-back by trade, and I think he works best there. Agger is a great defender, and I think he is certain to keep his place in the team, but Kelly may well give Martin Skrtel a run for his money. Skrtel, though usually solid, does make some costly mistakes. If Martin Kelly can show that he doesn’t make such errors, he may well break into the first team once he recovers from his injury.

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To summarise, my current favourite combination at the back is Johnson, Skrtel Agger and Enrique. However, in the absence of Enrique I think Downing should function as a left back, and Skrtel may well lose his place when Kelly returns. It is good that Rodgers has been experimenting so much, but now we are more than midway through the season, we are at a stage where we need to consolidate our position. He should now pick the most effective combination of defenders, and stick with it until the end of the season.

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-James Martin

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It is clear that FSG have a transfer policy of only bringing in young players. You can see the logic behind such a strategy; they are trying to build for the future, and save money by getting maximum use out of players as they have a long time still to play before they end their playing career. Since the appointment of Brendan Rodgers, the oldest player to be signed has been Oussama Assaidi, who only turned 24 two days before he joined Liverpool. Other signings such as Joe Allen, Daniel Sturridge and Fabio Borini are all relatively inexperienced at the top level, and are by no means the finished article at the moment. Younger players are never as consistent as more experienced players, and we have seen the effects of this over the season, with some great performances combined with some dismal ones too.

Steven Gerrard and Luis Suarez, Liverpool’s two biggest stars, have recently given their opinions on FSG’s transfer policy. Gerrard was quoting as saying that he is “at the stage of his career when he needs to rely on others. All he sees is the arrival of players who rely on him”. Gerrard is 32 years old now; he can’t drive the team as much as he could when he was a younger man. His comments suggest that he feels that he has to be the one to look after the numerous younger players on the field, whilst trying to play his own game as well. It suggests that he feels there are too many of these young players at the moment, and wants to a few more experienced players in the team to help him out. If the player that has the most commitment to Liverpool of anyone is getting frustrated, I’m sure there are some of the other players who are feeling the same.

It appears that Suarez is one of those players. Before the signing of Sturridge, Suarez had to play in an attacking three with Sterling, aged 18, and Suso, 19, although Suso has been replaced by Downing of late. Although the two teenagers are very talented, they were not scoring much. So, like Gerrard, Suarez had to carry the attack to the opposition almost single handedly. Luckily, Suarez has the ability to do it, and has been one of the league’s top scorers. Suarez recently said that “young players win matches and experienced players win championships”. Like Gerrard, Suarez seems to be implying that the balance of the team is wrong, and that we need some more experienced players in the team.

It is always worrying when your best players are expressing concerns. It is even more worrying when you are in no position to attract players of their quality if their concerns turn into wanting a move away. Gerrard and Suarez have far more knowledge of what makes a football team work than John Henry and Ian Ayre, and therefore, they need to be listened to. Buying players that make long term economic sense is obviously very important, but short term goals are still important, especially in Liverpool’s case. We need to keep our star players happy, because they are the ones that are keeping Liverpool moving at this point in time. The younger players will grow to do that job in a few years, but the present cannot be overlooked.

One top class, experienced player may all that is needed to keep Gerrard and Suarez satisfied. FSG will obviously worry about signing a 28 year old “not making financial sense”, but sometimes, things are more important than the money. The influence of the new player on the squad and on the pitch would be worth the money. It would give the team a well needed boost that could really kick start the revival of Liverpool over the next few seasons. A 27-28 year old still has a number of years left in them, and can teach the younger players a few things.

When your star players express concerns, it is important to listen. Gerrard and Suarez has given their opinions on the current state of the Liverpool team, and hopefully FSG will take the opinions into consideration, and act accordingly.

Tom Barker



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Many of you may have looked at Jordan Henderson and thought that he was a waste of money, not good enough or lacked the technical ability to be a Liverpool player. I’ve even heard the phrase “he doesn’t have the passion for that shirt”, which when queried about what you must show to have that, the contributor lacked any kind of depth to their point, mostly because they actually lacked a point.

This article will not be one in which I cast out all of those who do not agree with me, nor will it be one where I explain why Jordan Henderson is the greatest midfielder of all time, as that is simply not true. The purpose of this article is to highlight what Jordan Henderson actually does as it has dawned on me that some fans expect something of Jordan Henderson that simply is not realistic, or think that he should be a completely different player. To those of you who aren’t sure on whether or not Jordan Henderson is a Liverpool player, I hope this article is something for you to ponder. If it changes your mind, then I’m happy but I feel that is something for you to decide and to watch to notice.

So, let us start at the beginning. It’s usually an excellent place to start really. I’m going to put this out here and you can react however you want to; Jordan Henderson is not Xabi Alonso. In my imagination, you’ve just pulled the pipe out of your mouth and now look completely shocked at such a phrase, whilst doffing a rather strange hat. Back to reality though, he may be number 14 but that is not the same person. To steal the horrendous Go Compare advert; Jordan and Xabi are made up of different letters, pronounced differently and as such are different words. They are also very different players.

If you want to see Liverpool’s number 14 stroking the ball about from side to side with lovely long passes, you will need to go and watch a video of Xabi Alonso before he left the club or watch Real Madrid. Jordan isn’t a deep lying playmaker, to steal a Football Manager term. Nor will he ever be or should he ever be. Jordan is an athlete; he’s a relatively quick and strong young lad. He’s not got the pace of Sterling obviously, but he has a fair engine on him.

Jordan Henderson is also not Steven Gerrard, he won’t pop up from 40 yards out and smash one into the top corner in front of the Kop. That won’t happen. That is not Jordan Henderson. You may expect something that is not actually realistic of the lad purely because Liverpool paid £14 million-£16 million for his transfer (not the £20 million that was reported by some). That fact may annoy some of you but that is not Jordan Henderson’s fault and nor should in reality, it be held against him.

I don’t believe Jordan Henderson is around the £15 million mark in value, but if you have a lot of money, as Liverpool did and a player is English; you pay the ‘English tax’ on a transfer fee. So let’s not blame Jordan Henderson for that, some fans really need to let this go with regards to players; you cannot change it.

What Jordan Henderson is though is a link up player and a box to box midfielder rolled into one player. He plays neat one-two passes with wingers, full backs and other centre midfielders to keep the ball moving and the midfield ticking along. He doesn’t do anything extravagant, but he does his job. Pass. Move. Pass. Move. If you honestly sit and watch Jordan Henderson, he is always available to receive a pass, always. His movement is truly something to watch and appreciate; something that not enough people do.

If you watch him, he drops into the gap between the midfield and defence at goal kicks incredibly well to receive the ball and then moves it along. He doesn’t dribble with the ball much; it’s just the simple art of receiving a pass and moving it a long. He then moves to where the attack will go or where he believes the ball may end up and offers himself there, or he’ll come across to a team mate with the ball and offer an option and repeat. He does this all game, even when suffering from Norovirus. The lad is an engine. Up and down that pitch he’ll go. He does the work that you don’t appreciate but the work that is vital for the system but also for the team. It won’t ever earn him any major plaudits, nor will it earn him any major awards or recognition; but Jordan Henderson’s work rate in that midfield is exemplary and I believe that people need to notice that.

Jordan defensively also presses the ball so well and so high up the pitch. He doesn’t drop off when Liverpool don’t have the ball, he presses the man with the ball where ever he may be. When the ball moves, so does he and he’ll make himself an obstacle to a pass in another area, something that without pointing fingers; Gerrard doesn’t do as much as he should for me. Henderson’s energy and tenacity in the midfield is something that for me Liverpool fans should enjoy watching and take great pleasure in; but some of us forever stumble to enjoy his work or like him purely because of the fee the club paid for him.

If you watch him this season, he’s grown up a little bit. He is no longer meek or quiet on the pitch but he shouts for the ball and directs traffic. Actually no, shouts its not the best word; he barks. He barks for the ball or barks instructions, something that shows you why he’s England Under 21’s captain. You’ve got to have ability and something about you to have that role, you really do.

For me, this recent run of chances in the starting eleven is showing exactly what Jordan Henderson is; a link up man, someone who’ll work hard for the team, a provider, an engine, a technically gifted player with such a good cross and most of all; he’s starting to show leadership qualities on the pitch. All of this is good for Jordan Henderson and ultimately is good for Liverpool. So if I can give you one piece of advice, the next time you watch Jordan Henderson play, don’t watch Liverpool’s £16 million signing; pretend he’s a Scouser who has come through the ranks and watch his desire, work rate, work with the ball, work off the ball and general attitude on that football pitch. If you were a doubter and it doesn’t change your mind, so be it. I would just love to know what else the lad could do to prove to you he’s a Liverpool player. The lad has bags of quality, you just need to recognise its tactical and technical qualities not flair or the X factor qualities. For me, Jordan is an exciting player for Liverpool now and in the future.

-Adam Warren Heayns





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This is probably the biggest match I have ever wrote a preview for, Man Utd, our fiercest rivals on top of the league against Liverpool, currently 8th in the table.

Man Utd have won their last 5 home games in the league and are currently serious favourites for the league title and have a strike-force that any manager in the league would take but they do not have the best striker in the league, that accolade still goes to Luis Suarez. Van Persie may have one extra goal in one extra game but he has great service all around him and his side plays ruthless attacking football. At LFC, Suarez has times when he is isolated and our style of play is a lot more patient. But he still produces the goods on a regular basis and that is key to moving forward. I think Man United should go with two up front in this game, because LFC will be hard to break down but if put under pressure, will probably eventually cave in. I’d say it could Hernandez and Van Persie but Fergie has been known to ‘surprise’ with his team selections in big games, although with Rooney and Nani out, he may be forced into some decisions. Rodgers may give Sturridge a first league start but two players who will probably be playing are Suarez and Sterling. I think Suarez will be a real menace to Man Utd while Sterling should be a handful for Evra. They are probably the key battles in an LFC attacking point of view and it’s where I can see us getting the upper hand. Evra’s form has decreased over the years while Sterling is very lively. Suarez could get through any defence in the world and will be looking forward to playing against Vidic and Evans/Ferdinand.

The defending of both sides has been widely criticised this season but Man Utd’s problems have been looked past because of the front players scoring goals. This title race could and should be dead and buried so far but I think when Vidic gets back to his best, they should tighten up. They have Buttner to replace Evra and Rafael has been a revelation at right-back. Brendan Rodgers sticks with the Skrtel-Agger partnership although I think Agger has failed to live up to his normally high playing levels. He will get back to his best soon I hope, he just makes too many errors at the moment. Skrtel has been a rock though, Enrique has been a contender for player of the season although his injury is a big blow. Johnson will step in and let Wisdom step in at right back, both have impressed this season with the latter getting a new deal. In fact, in Liverpool’s last 5 games in all competitions they have conceded just 4 while United’s defence has conceded just 5 in the last 5 league games. The defences are tightening up, finally.

Should be very close, both sides need the points for different reasons although both could live with a point. I expect the two on-form stars, RVP and Suarez will both be on the score sheet, 1-1.

Man United (outs) : Anderson, Rooney, Nani

Liverpool (outs) : Borini, Kelly

-Adam Norman

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In the last few games, Rodgers has been using the likes of Henderson and Downing to see their true worth to the team and he cannot have been disappointed by a string of good performances by the pair. But do they have what it takes to be regulars in the overall starting XI? Here’s my two pence worth:
Pepe Reina: Signed for just 6 million, I still think Reina has the quality to keep playing at this level. I think he’s suffering from a lack of confidence but he’s still got the potential to get back to his old form. I don’t think there is any need for a replacement because the early season form of Jones showed he’s capable of stepping in.
Glen Johnson: I am a big fan of Glen. I do think he plays at his best in an England shirt but he does put in some top performances for us too. I think he has been worth in and around his huge price tag because it’s like playing with two right wingers when he’s playing, he’s as good as any full back going forward and his defending improved during Euro 2012.
Martin Skrtel: Another terrific bargain for LFC is Martin Skrtel at just 6.5 million. He is a rock in the middle of defence and is very hard to get past. You can see his passion to play for LFC too. He’s made a few mistakes this season but I don’t think that will put off potential new employers in the summer. Man City among others were lining up a 20 million offer in the summer.
Daniel Agger: I don’t think Agger has been in great form this season but he’s still my no.2 choice centre-back. He’s one of the best at bringing the ball out of defence but I just haven’t been impressed with him all-round. Could do with a new signing to keep the pressure on him to perform, an injury-prone track record might be a reason.
Jose Enrique: Kept out of the side early in the season, Enrique responded by putting in performances worthy of any team in any match. He was one of the form players in the league before a hamstring injury which will now keep him out for 6 weeks.
Lucas: Has had an up and down time since his return. Has been out-muscled quite often since his retuen form a long injury but in most of his games, he has been key to breaking up opposition attacks and the defence looks a lot more stable since he returned.
Steven Gerrard: I was one of the many people who thought Gerrard needed a break earlier in the season but in the last 4-5 games he has been as good as anyone in the league. His passing is as good as ever with his pass to Suarez for the third goal against Sunderland just out of this world. Still brings the link between forward and midfield.
Jordan Henderson: Close between him and Allen, but Henderson has been a changed man since being told to operate the role behind the main striker. He played his best two games in a Liverpool shirt and is finally producing the kind of form we have been waiting for more than a year. Has plenty of competition so needs to keep it up.
Raheem Sterling: Needs a break now, but Sterling showed his class with a delightful lob against Sunderland. I think he has been over-used this season and because of that we haven’t seen the best of him yet but he already has a couple of goals and a handful of assists to his name, he has a bright future.
Luis Suarez: He’s probablt going to be moved out wide but he has been devastating through the middle this season with 15 league goals and 18 in all competitions. He only managed 11 and 17 last season. Does need someone to take the pressure off but he doesn’t want a rest, he wants to keep playing an he is an LFC man through and through.
Daniel Sturridge: I know he’s only just signed but I predict good things for him. I think he’ll be playing through the middle where he’ll get great service by the other forwards. Could finally live up to the potential we all saw in him at Man City.
Unlucky to miss out:
Brad Jones: Great earlier in the season when asked to step in and was rewarded with a new contract. Could be the no.1 if Reina’s form continues to dip but happy to be patient and play any role for the club.
Joe Allen: Still a crucial member of the squad for LFC, has a lot of competition for a midfield spot and is well able to slot and spray passes around. Proved against Sunderland he’s also decent going forwards.
Suso: Technically gifted. Has found it difficult at times but I think he has recieved unfair stick at times. Still should be in the first team set-up.
Stewart Downing: Has been in excellent form of late but I think the signing of Sturridge will see him fall down the pecking order. Could be sold this window.
Jonjo Shelvey: Still has a lot to learn but I think he could have a future as a solid premier league player adding goals for his team. Still behind Suso and Allen I feel though.
– Adam Norman (@AdamN1996)
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On Sunday 6th January, Liverpool faced Mansfield in the third round of the FA cup, in their second fixture of the year. New signing Daniel Sturridge scored for Liverpool, followed by a Suarez goal in the 59th minute (a cause of much controversy, as replays show he handled it into the net). Green scored for Mansfield in the 79th minute, but it turned out to be a mere consolation.
Liverpool played very well for most of the match, creating a lot of chances. Sturridge had a great debut, and could easily have scored more than 1. Suarez was, as usual, impressive, but his performance was overshadowed by the handball incident. Although I would love to find a way to do so, I cannot defend the referee’s decision. The ball was handled into the net, and therefore the goal should not have stood. This would of course have meant that the game would have ended 1-1, meaning a replay would have had to be scheduled. I feel sorry for Mansfield, who played well and deserved better.
However, although I cannot defend the referee, I can certainly defend Luis Suarez. In fact, in my view, he has done nothing wrong. It is unclear even from the replays as to whether or not his handball was deliberate. Either way, he cannot be expected to turn round and tell the referee to discount his goal. Although he will not be proud of scoring a goal like that, ‘they all count’ as the saying goes. In the end the goal proved crucial to our victory, and although I would have preferred him to score another way, I am still glad he got the ball in the net for us.
Of course, a lot of people will not be satisfied with this reasoning. Already, people have started picking on Suarez, singling him out as a cheat and a disgrace to the game. These people, in my opinion, are being frankly stupid. This is the first handball incident I can recall Suarez being involved in, and as for all the diving accusations, it’s not like he ever gets given any penalties! If his supposed ‘diving’ worked to his advantage, I could see why people would be angry, but the fact is that he has only been awarded one penalty in the premier league this season, despite numerous fouls on him. Suarez, in my view, is not a cheat, and certainly no more so than a lot of other players in English football, who in contrast are practically worshipped by the media.
In conclusion, I am not defending Suarez’s goal. It did strike his hand, and therefore should not have stood. However, Luis Suarez did nothing wrong. Whether it was deliberate or not, he cannot be expected to tell the referee to discount his goal. Even the Mansfield manager accepted this, saying that he did not feel cheated, and that were it any player other than Suarez there would not be this much fuss. I have utmost respect for this manager. He is an example to everyone associated with the game, as he accepted the decision, even though it was a wrong one, and moved on. If everyone behaved like him, football would stop being about politics, and then we could all go back to enjoying the beautiful game.
-James Martin
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Mansfield Vs Liverpool – Pre Match Thoughts
So who are Mansfield? They are a club sitting 9th place in the Blue Square Premier League table – 4 Divisions below the Premier League. 9th sounds pretty bad, however they have many games in hand comparing to others. Mansfield have conceded around 1.5 goals and have scored around 1.7 goals per game. Mansfield have had an impressive from lately, winning 3 matches out of their last 4, the same as Liverpool.
Liverpool’s recent form has been impressive and it looks like we could fight for a place in the Top 4. This game is a must win of course, however we shouldn’t be thinking that we’ve already won – look what happened to Arsenal against Bradford. Our last game ended 3-0 to us (against Sunderland), a very good game indeed. This was also Liverpool’s 11th goal in their last four games. We’ve been in a goalscoring form recently, scoring in every game since the match against Swansea, which ended 0-0 (November 25th).
It would be interesting to see how Rodgers will approach this game. I expect him to take it seriously but the team sheet will be interesting for all of us. It’s likely for our young future stars to feature, however there is an important game for the Under 19s coming up on Tuesday – the NextGen Series, where, if they win, they get through to the knockout stages. Dani Pacheco might have a chance, as he’s not allowed to play in the Tournament. I personally would love him to have a chance, I think he has an immense quality. Daniel Sturridge is set to make his Liverpool debut on Sunday after signing for Liverpool this week, Rodgers said that he might not start due to fitness reasons, however I do think that he’ll come on as a substitute as minimum. I hope the likes of Coady and Robinson will get a chance. I still think our experienced players will be in the squad. I expect Carragher to start and Gerrard and Suarez to be in the substitute bench. Enrique will not be in the squad due to injury, on Friday Rodgers revealed he would be injured for at least 6 weeks.
I expect this to be a fairly easy game, however we shouldn’t go on the pitch thinking we’ve already won the game. We have to work hard to beat them.
My team Vs. Mansfield
Jones, Wisdom, Coates, Carragher, Robinson, Allen, Shelvey, Suso, Pacheco, Yesil, Downing.
I expect Jones to start as this game isn’t against a very difficult opponent. Wisdom has already got some first team action and might start, however Flanagan could start ahead of him. Carragher will probably start so Liverpool can have a good captain and a leader on the pitch. I hope Coates will start for Liverpool, he’s been out of favour under Rodgers and is expected to go out on loan. I think Allen or Sahin will start to have a good experience in midfield. If Suso starts I think he would play in Gerrard’s position, putting in long balls for others and hopefully he can find his first goal against them. I expect Shelvey to start as he hasn’t impressed some of the Liverpool fans lately. This could be a perfect opportunity to see what position he can play in, I expect him to be all over the pitch. I really hope Pacheco will start on Sunday, for me he has to get a chance and I think this is the perfect opportunity. Yesil might start today after his great start with the Liverpool Under 21s, however if he does start he’s likely to be playing for the first half only because of the NextGen match on Tuesday. Downing might be playing as there have been reports that Assaidi has already left for the AFCON tournament with Morroco. I understand that Daniel Sturridge will make his first appearance as a Liverpool player by being substituted into the game.
Some Interesting Facts:
This is only the third time these two sides have met, the other two led to a win and a draw.
Gerrard has had the most assists with 8 in the Premier League which is only one short of his personal best (08/09)
Liverpool have scored 11 goals in their last 4 games.
The last time Liverpool faced a non-league opposition in this tournament was in 2008, when the Reds were forced to come from behind twice in a 5-2 victory against Havant & Waterlooville.
In Daniel Sturridge’s last seven games in the FA Cup for Chelsea, the forward bagged himself seven goals.
My Prediction.
I’ll go for a 5-1 victory, I expect us to score many as their defence is very weak and our side is playing good. If Sturridge plays I expect him to get two goals and Pacheco with one, I also think that Suso and Allen might score one.
From Paddy Power:
Liverpool are 1/4 to win.
A draw is 5/1.
Mansfield are 11/1 to win.
Dani Pacheco to score the first goal and Liverpool to win 9-0 is 225/1.
Thanks for reading reds.
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Glen Johnson: My View on him
During the season under Brendan Rodgers so far, there has been one stand-out person for me that has performed well and that is Glen Johnson. He has managed to play both full-back positions and has done well at both. He usually prefers right-back but can also play at left-back. Throughout his career, he has had some great performances and some bad performances, but let’s just focus on his great performances/stats.
16th August 2009 – He made his first league appearance for the reds when Tottenham secured 3 points in a 2-1 win.
19th August 2009 – He put in a MOTM performance on his home debut against Stoke, scoring his first goal for the club and also helped set up a goal.
29th August 2009 – He scored his 2nd for the reds in a 3-2 win against the former Premier League team Bolton.
30th December 2009 – The former Portsmouth Defender picked up a tear in his right knee during the clash with Aston Villa, which ruled him out for 1 month.
After he returned from injury in March, he went back to playing at his best, scoring his third goal for the Reds against Sunderland at Anfield. He made 8 appearances for the rest of the 2009-2010 season and also helped Liverpool reach the semi-finals of the Europa League. The England international played 35 times and scored 3 goals during his 1st season with Liverpool.
20th November 2010 – Johnson scored his first goal in that season in a comfortable 3-0 win over West Ham at Anfield.
Under the former Liverpool Manager, Kenny Dalglish, Johnson was played as a Left-Back and a Left-Wing-Back. He enjoyed his position there and showed it as he put in some excellent performances under the Scot, including his side’s 1-0 win over his former employees, Chelsea.
Johnson then picked up another Injury whilst playing for Liverpool against West Brom at the Hawthorns but did recover before the season ended to play in the final four games of the season, which included a 5-2 demolishing of Fulham away from home.
6th July 2011 – Good news for Liverpool fans as Johnson stays a red after signing an extended contract, although the length was not disclosed by Liverpool.
20th November 2011 – Johnson scored a wonderful solo effort against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, assisted by former Liverpool player Charlie Adam, who now plays for Stoke. The goal proved to be vital, as Liverpool picked up an impressive 3 points.
26th February 2012 – The former West Ham academy player also helped Liverpool win their first trophy in 6 years, when they beat Cardiff City on Penalties. He also scored his penalty.
9th December 2012 – Johnson opened the scoring against his old club West Ham, the result ended in Liverpool’s favour, defeating the Hammers 3-2.
Johnson under Brendan Rodgers
Brendan Rodgers labelled Johnson as one of the world’s best right-backs, so he must be doing a good job this season under the former Swansea manager. His most notable performances this season would be when he scored against his former club West Ham, the 4-0 victory over Fulham and also performed well yesterday in the 3-0 win against QPR. He has hardly done anything wrong this season and has been one of our most important players. One of the world’s best right-backs? I think so.
Verdict on Glen Johnson
So far in his career at Anfield, Glen Johnson has been a solid first team starter and is one of the first names on Brendan Rodgers’ team sheet. He has scored some vital goals for us too and is great at attacking. He has shown that he can play in both full back positions; he has a great shot in him, and is a player that is good enough to play for any team on his day.
How much is he worth?
In my opinion, around £15M-£20M.
– Adam Oliver
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Why we should keep Dani Pacheco.
The transfer window is finally open and a lot of LFC fans are waiting on the new signings. But the transfer window isn’t only about new arrivals, it’s also about selling players from the club. Most Liverpool fans want Joe Cole out, but there are a few other players who might sell in this transfer window too. One of them might be Dani Pacheco.
Dani arrived to Liverpool in 2007. It must be really disappointment for him to be honest. 2010 was probably his best year where he was with the Spain U19s in the European Championships in France. He was awarded the best goalscorer of the tournament with two goals against Portugal, one against Italy in Group B and one goal against England in semi-final. Unfortunately Spain lost in the final against France 1-2.
Three reasons why we should keep him at LFC:
LFC is in his heart.
1- For me the the biggest reason why we should keep him is, that he loves LFC. Even if he didn’t get a chance to show his amazing talent in the first team so far, his love for LFC is probably the biggest amongst the other young lads in the squad. He’s one of the most friendliest guys and his friendship with Nacho, Suso and Jose is unique. His passion, his devotion to the club is really impressive. Although he was on loan at Norwich and Rayo Vallecano, he always returned back to the club with a smile on his face and tried so hard to improve and show our manager that he deserve a chance.
Dani vs Ince.
2- If LFC are really going after Tom Ince then I have no choice to compare him with Dani. Actually I don’t know exactly what happened when Tom was sold to Blackpool but to be honest I don’t want him back. I like Blackpool because of Ian Holloway. (I know he isn’t their manager at the moment) He’s one of my favourite manager and the style he prefers is really beuatiful to watch but no, I don’t want Tom Ince. Although Dani didn’t get a chance I’m sure he is as good as Tom or maybe even better. When he was on loan at Norwich two years ago he scored two goals and had one assist in 6 matches he played. Stats from this year are even more impressive! He played in 9 matches, scored 4 goals and had 6 assists. From this stats it’s clear that U21s league isn’t for him. He’s on a higher level than the others. Both are right wingers, Dani is one year older. My opinion is that we don’t need to spend money on someone who we have in our U21s.
Don’t have enough wingers.
3- The last reason why we should keep him is that he can be a good competitor for the young Raheem Sterling. We only have a few wingers like Downing and Raheem. Dani is one of them who could help us in this position.At least he deserve to be on the bench so he could go as a sub and bring a new energy to the team. He could help Raheem to be a better player if he will push him on in the training sessions. I don’t know why he still hasn’t got a chance, actually no one knows it, but I’m sure that I am not the only one who thinks that he deserve at least one more chance. The best oportunity should be in the FA Cup against Mansfield Town.
I don’t know who will read this, I don’t know if it shows you something but I hope Dani will get a chance to show you that he deserves to be a part of LFC’s for the future!
-Jakub Landa (@KubasLFC)